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Beaver Countrywear Preston

To fully enjoy the great British outdoors, you need the protection of Beaver Countrywear!

Whether we are male or female, adult or child; throughout the UK we rely totally on protective countrywear as we indulge in a range of arduous outdoor country pursuits, work and sporting activities.

At Beaver Countrywear, effective protection is here in the form of online choices of quality, durable, protective and fashionable countrywear and outdoor clothing. So, why not take a moment now to browse our online, durable, country wear selection. You will be impressed by countrywear that includes wax stud leggings, waterproof jackets, headgear including wool tweed baseball caps, moleskin and corduroy trousers, wellington socks and children's waxed jackets.

Building outdoor dams, canals, and lodges is what beavers do with enviable ease and in total oblivion of all cold and damp. We humans, though, aren't as lucky, so, to feel protected, feel good…..and look good, too … we need effective protection in the form of outdoor clothing from Beaver Countrywear!

Please contact us with any enquiry you may have regarding the range of top quality and value outdoor clothing available online from Beaver Countrywear.